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Nextcloud sync clients

Any WebDAV client or the old ownCloud clients will work with Nextcloud.

Windows Client

Linux Clients

MacOS X Client

It is highly recommended to create a backup before you use the client for the first time! If you have any issues, please report them directly to the nextcloud team on Github, or via our support ticket section.

Calendar, Contacts, Tasks Sync recommendet

DAVdroid is an open-source CalDAV/CardDAV synchronization app for Android 4+.

Key features

* two-way-synchronization (server ↔ client, server always wins)
* focused on simplicity, security and privacy
* supports contacts, calendars (events) and tasks (to-dos)
* lightweight application, not cluttered with "features"
* flawless integration with device and address book/calendar apps
* high-performance algorithms
* seperately usable (either CalDAV or CardDAV)
* free and open-source software (FOSS)

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