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OwnCube OPENVPN Service

Avoid censorship and surveillance.
If you are connected to a VPN, your Internet service provider only sees the encrypted traffic that comes through our VPN servers, but no data can be decrypted or web pages visited by you.

Videos at any location

View the content you want with a VPN anywhere in the world. Stream Netflix, Zattoo and more, no matter where you are.

Safe and fast

Encryption of the network is self-evident for us. We constantly optimize our network to provide unlimited bandwidth and speed.

Online Privacy

Encrypt your Internet traffic and hide your IP address from hackers and internet spies.

Unlock web pages

Access any website or app without censorship and enjoy full access at any time from any device.

Easy to use VPN service

For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Router and Linux as well as all devices that support OpenVPN. The installation is very simple - whether you use a computer, tablet or a smartphone. The OPENVPN app is available for all devices, and through our OneFile config, you do not need to copy keyfiles, certs, ..., just copy a single file into the config folder of the respective device, connect and you are already using your desired VPN Location.

40 countries available

Australia / Mexico / Indonesia / Colombia / Japan / Serbia / Finland / Luxembourg / South Africa / Malaysia / Brazil / Hungary / Turkey / Spain / Romania / Poland / Israel / Czech Republic / USA / India / South Korea / Singapore / Ukraine / Lithuania / Germany / Canada / Italy / Bulgaria / Hong Kong / Netherlands / Great Britain / Switzerland / Ireland

1 location
1.90€ / month
19€ / year
5 locations
3.90€ / month
39€ / year
40 locations
9.90€ / month
99€ / year
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited server changes
Unlimited devices
No Logs
Onefile config
OpenVPN software
40 countries available

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