Emailhosting is only possible if you have a SERVER package with and a own TLD ( Top Level Domain ) like .com .org .de or any other TLD.
Please be aware that using emails on subdomains either with your own, or with a subdomain we offer for free is not allowed and can cause your Server ip blacklisted at global providers.
The reason is, that emails are only allowed to send from a TLD to avoid Spam, fraud and other illegal usage. A TLD will make sure you are the owner of the domain and that the email is valid.
Your email should look like, but dont use or or any other free SUBdomains we offer.
Subdomains, either yours or our free included ones are only to host a Cloud, not for other usage. If we get a abuse from any provider about a a usage of email on SUBdomains, specially our free ones, we will contact you to remove this email.
This is nothin just related to OwnCube, its a hosting rule for worldwide emailservices and like you know, emails are always like or or ..... but never or something.
Thank you for your understanding.

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