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You can simply use your own instance in the browser:

First you should take a look at the settings (gear wheel on the top right).
A name and an email address can be stored under Profile. The name is then displayed in the conferences. Based on the email address, an attempt is made to display an avatar for the user via Gravatar.

The language of the user interface can also be adjusted here. After clicking OK, the settings are saved.

A conference room can now be started by entering the name for the meeting and clicking on Go. The browser then asks if you want to allow access to the microphone / camera. This should be confirmed, otherwise it makes little sense for video conferences.

The conference room will not be created immediately, but a message will appear asking for the organizer / operator. You received this login in the setup email.

Only after clicking on "I am the organizer" and entering the user name and password, which we configured above, will the room be opened.

Now Jitsi Meet presents itself with a tidy surface. The following screenshot shows all important elements.

So that other people can now attend the conference, the link to the conference is simply required (button at the bottom right). A concrete link could then look like this:

A password for the conference can also be entered here so that not every anonymous user can join the conference.

Using the browser is probably the easiest option. However, there are also clients for a wide variety of platforms, see the
Jitsi Download-Page.

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