1.50 € /month
Single accounts
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  • 25 - 20,000 GB disk space
  • XMPP & VPN account included *

Your personal Single account. Large amount of disk space, Cloud software management by OwnCube and all stable apps.

Encrypted Cloud, Xmpp, Vpn, ...

» Your cloud » Your location
» Your control »Your encryption

Files, contacts, calendar, rss, photo gallery, ...
Unlimited bandwidth and big storage
European company & OPEN SOURCE

More than 30 data centers


Not sure which package fits your needs?

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2.50 € /month
Admin / Team / Business
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  • 10 - 50,000 GB disk space
  • XMPP & VPN Server optional

Your own cloud with unlimited amount of users. Complete webhosting included, Cpanel and unlimited domains, websites, ...

"Privacy and anonymity are part of our fundamental rights"

Security for your data on OwnCube

OwnCube uses the open source software ownCloud, which enables you to ENCRYPT your stored files. So NO-ONE but you has access to your files, not even OwnCube staff or server administrators, ... YOUR files remain YOUR files. Without your own chosen password your stored data are nothing but "electronic garbage". Start protecting your private data by using OwnCube and ownCloud this very day!

  • Encryption: Your data are encrypted and accessible ONLY TO YOU
  • Own Cloud: Setup your cloud and your users within minutes
  • DC selection: YOU decide in which country your data are hosted
  • Domains: Your cloud available under your own domain/subdomain
  • Cloud design: Adjust your cloud individually; your logo, your color, your text, ...
  • Own apps: Activate, disable and develope your own apps for your cloud

Why OwnCube?

  • Open Source!
  • File encryption
  • Location choice
  • Continuously improving
  • Access from anywhere
  • European company
  • Extra functions VPN/XMPP
  • 24x7 support

OwnCube functions

  • Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android apps
  • Music streaming
  • Password protected sharing
  • Constant development
  • Remote Dropbox, Google,... mount
  • Real 7-day support
  • Gallery sharing
  • ... Account function overview

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