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OwnCube - more than a cloud storage provider. Your All-In-One solution for privacy and anonymity

More than 30 data centers worldwide:                         

OwnCube proudly presents

Wyffy - FREE and PRO Open Source ownCloud Storage
* Hosted in Germany * Anonymous orders * GREEN ENERGY datacenter * Many apps included * Single and Admin
OwnCube has been offering ownCloud hosting at owncube.com for years, so where does this new idea called Wyffy come from ? Read all about it on the wyffy website. https://wyffy.com

ownCloud Single

starts from only € 1.50 / mo

  • 25 - 30,000 GB disk space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Maintained by OwnCube
  • Your personal Single account. Large amount of disk space, Cloud software management by OwnCube and all stable apps.
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ownCloud Admin

starts from only € 1.50 / mo

  • 25 - 30,000 GB disk space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Maintained by OwnCube
  • Your OWN cloud. Large amount of disk space, Cloud software management by OwnCube and all stable apps. incl. HOSTING OPTION.
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ownCloud Reseller

starts from only € 9.90 / mo

  • 60 - 50,000 GB disk space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Selfmanaged
  • Offer your complete own cloud solution to your customers. You can offer single, admin, ... accounts with a whitelabel solution.
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Details about OwnCube

Why OwnCube ?

  • Open Source!
  • File encryption
  • Location choice
  • Continuously improving
  • Access from anywhere
  • European company ( Austria )
  • Extra functions VPN/XMPP/DNS, ...
  • Real 24x7 support
  • Your own cloud (Admin packages)
  • SSL encryption
  • Large disk space, small price
  • Cloud design
  • Own apps

OwnCube functions

  • Access your files,contacts,... from anywhere
  • Syncronize your files on any device
  • Share files with just a few clicks
  • Versioning and trashbin
  • Activity feed
  • Contacts/Calendar - Card/Cal-DAV + sharing
  • Photogallery + sharing
  • Music / Video streaming
  • Sharing with password/exipre date option
  • Online collaboration
  • Remote Dropbox, Google, Ftp, ... mount
  • Activity feed
  • .... Account function overview

"Privacy and anonymity are part of our fundamental rights!"

  • Security for your data on OwnCube ! OwnCube uses the open source software ownCloud, which enables you to ENCRYPT your stored files. So NO-ONE but you has access to your files, not even OwnCube staff or server administrators, ... YOUR files remain YOUR files. Without your own chosen password your stored data are nothing but "electronic garbage". Start protecting your private data by using OwnCube and ownCloud this very day!

What is OwnCube ? - your life on the road

OwnCube offers a service, where all your files, photos, videos, documents, music, projects are always available and can be shared with anyone at any time. Not only are your files accessible and easy-to-handle on Owncube, but you can also administrate, renew, upload them with ANY computer, mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Even your contacts, bookmarks, calendars, ... are synchronized by apps and available everywhere and at all times. Owncube provides the opportunity to share your files with friends, family, relatives with only few clicks. Owncube is also your very own backup solution: in case of a technical fault or complete breakdown of your computer, you still have all your files available on Owncube and can go on with your tasks as if nothing had happened. Owncube provides shelter to all your data.

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