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Free Nextcloud Service

Information about our FREE single-account Nextcloud service and its open source alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive, ...

Get a free Nextcloud single account on OwnCube

We are pleased to offer you a free Nextcloud Single Service. Your alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive, ...
You can use it, either as a test of our service, our apps, or for daily use as a live account. Register a free 5GB Nextcloud account and test our cloud system and features. We only offer SINGLE! Accounts free, no admin accounts
Our free Nextcloud single instance is hosted in our data center in Germany , so we can offer you very low-priced upgrade rates. The prices are even more less compared to our "normal" single packages. Why ? Our single packages on the website have a country selection with up to 32 countries to choose from. This means that we have to adjust the prices to countries that have higher serverhosting / traffic, ... Prices as example In Germany where our main Nextcloud is now hosted.

An overview of the available apps in our Nextcloud

Collaborative tags
Deleted files
External storage support
File sharing
PDF viewer
Share by mail
Video player
Audio Player
Social sharing via Diaspora
Social sharing via email
Social sharing via Facebook
Social sharing via Google+
Social sharing via Twitter
Video calls
Our upgrade packages

Cloud 100 GB
2€ / month
24€ / year
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Cloud 250 GB
4€ / month
48€ / year
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Cloud 500 GB
8€ / month
96€ / year
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Cloud 1000 GB
15€ / month
150€ / year
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Cloud 2000 GB
30€ / month
300€ / year
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Cloud 5000 GB
60€ / month
600€ / year
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Cloud 10000 GB
100€ / month
1000€ / year
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2 months FREE
When ordering annual packages for Cloud 1000 GB and larger!
Contract periods

OwnCube has no contract periods. Why is that? We want our customers to use our service because they appreciate it and because we offer them a new and good service, and NOT because they are liable to a contract. You can sign off at any time by just two clicks or by allowing your service to expire – it will be terminated automatically.

Upgrading packages

Upgrading any of these packages is always possible AT ANY TIME. The upgrade is executed directly on your existing account without influencing it in any way. The new disk space is available a few minutes after your payment and you can start using it.

Support for Premium Cloud accounts

For our Premium / Paid Accounts, as well as for our Singl packages, we offer different SLA, which you can choose when ordering.

Support for our FREE Cloud Accounts

We offer a low prio support for our free Cloud accounts with a 24h SLA. You receive email support, with a response time of max. 24h business hours / business days MO-FR 08-17 at 9h SLA per day Please see our FAQ, Nextcloud Doku, and the Nextcloud Forum before writing a support request. All the features we offer in the cloud are tested automatically from several sites and systems on daily base, which means that we can exclude server-side errors of 99.9%. If there is a general problem, you will find an information in the announcements.

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Register for our FREE SingleCloud: https://cloud.owncube.com

For testing our services and apps, or for daily use if you are looking for a single alternative only.