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Dedicated Nextcloud Server

OwnCube's all-in-one solution for you, your company, family or acquaintance
Supplied with renewable sources such as HYDROPOWER ENERGY - GREEN ENERGY
Configurations with storage + sufficient performance for Nextcloud and applications, managed service optional

Our dedicated servers are hosted in our data centers in Germany. The data centers operate in accordance with ISO 27001 guidelines while also adhering to strict German data protection regulations.
Your pre-installed Nextcloud DEDICATED server with Collabora & Turn.

Looking for dedicated Nextcloud servers, which combine performance and low prices?
Big storage on your own DEDICATED server, at the best price. Our GREEN ENERGY dedicated server are located in our Germany state-of-the-art data centers and provide top performance and speedy Enterprise HDD for all your resource-intensive projects.
OwnCube offers Dedicated Server sets as an ideal solution for companies, clubs, private individuals, who require performance and flexibility.

You will receive one FREE subdomain out of our domainpool to access your cloud:
NAME.businesstogo.cloud - NAME.happyfamily.cloud - NAME.meineeigene.cloud - NAME.ichhabeeine.cloud - NAME.owncube.com
SSL is included FREE for all domains and subdomains, created by Letsencrypt and renewed automatically.

OwnCube nextcloud, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and CentOS are available as operating systems. ( latest release )
If you choose OwnCube nextcloud, we will install for you:
Ubuntu, Apache, Php7, Mysql and Nextcloud, so you can get started right away.
If you add our install ADDON for Collabora/Turn, we also execute the installation of this software and integrate the services into the cloud.

Our Dedicated Server packages

2x 2.000 GB Ent. HDD
Raid 0/1/5 SW Raid
Intel Core i7-4770 ( 4c/8t )
1 Gbit/s Port
Guaranteed 1 Gbit/s
Traffic unlimited
IPv4 1x
DDoS-protection - included
€ 49,90 / Monat
€ 499,00 / Jahr
2x 3.000 GB Ent. HDD
Raid 0/1/5 SW Raid
Intel Core i7-2600 ( 4c/8t )
1 Gbit/s Port
Guaranteed 1 Gbit/s
Traffic unlimited
IPv4 1x
DDoS-protection - included
€ 54,90 / Monat
€ 549,00 / Jahr
4x 4.000 GB Ent. HDD
Raid 0/1/5 SW Raid
Intel Core i7-2600 ( 4c/8t )
1 Gbit/s Port
Guaranteed 1 Gbit/s
Traffic unlimited
IPv4 1x
DDoS-protection - included
€ 89,90 / Monat
€ 899,00 / Jahr
Do you need an custom configuration/server?
No problem, contact us and we will make you an individual offer as far as possible.

Free setup + 2 months free with annual packages!

(Setup fee of 9.90 € for monthly packages)

Available addons for our Dedicated Server packages
* Collabora - * TURN - * Managed Service - * Backups - * Snapshots
Your Server includes the following services:

DDoS-protection - unlimited and 24/7 active DDoS-protection

24/7 service monitoring & on-site technician

Enterprise HDD

1 Gbit/s Port

Triple redundant electrical input

99,99% uptime guarantee

Root access via SSH

rDNS / PTR available

Extra Ips
Contract periods

OwnCube has no contract periods. Why is that? We want our customers to use our service because they appreciate it and because we offer them new and good service, and NOT because they are liable to a contract. You can sign off at any time by just two clicks or by allowing your service to expire – it will be terminated automatically.

Upgrading packages

Upgrades to Dedicated Server Packages are not possible! For an upgrade request, we can offer a migration task with which our technicals migrates your cloud 1:1 to the new dedicated server. The price depends on the amount of data and amounts to about 69 € - 199 €. If you would like a migration, please contact our SALES team for an exact price.

You need a business account, quick support and FULL MANAGED SERVICE for your Dedicated server ?
Fast support ( max. 1h 24/7 ), high prio updates, automatic speed and load checks, monitoring, direct contact to a technician, HIGH PRIO support, emergency support, …
Simply choose a Package and then BUSINESS SLA at the options. Of course, also as a company you are free to select the included PrivateSLA or PremiumSLA. But please, keep in mind the difference in details and coverage between our Private/PremiumSLAs and our Company/BusinessSLA.

7-day money-back guarantee

You can try all our services without any risk. We want you to be satisfied, that is why we as an experienced cloud provider offer an exclusive money-back guarantee: in case of any dissatisfaction you can withdraw within 7 days without justification, and we will refund the full amount. For a fully free-of-charge test you can simply use a free OwnCube subdomain at your order and refrain from booking additional service during your test period. Test and see, no risk, for 7 days!

Our business partners - OwnCube: trusted by companies, clubs and schools worldwide

Nextcloud V13

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