Dedicated Nextcloud servers

All packages includes
  • ∞ Traffic
  • Dedicated servers
  • Subdomain for free
  • SSH access
  • Own design
  • Own domain
  • Nextcloud pre-installed
  • rDNS / PTR possible
  • SSL Certificate
  • 4byte/Memcache/Redis
  • My Apps
  • 2 months FREE for annual packages
Are you looking for Nextcloud Dedicated Servers that combine performance and low prices? With its 4 dedicated server series, OwnCube offers the ideal solution for companies, clubs, but also private individuals who need performance and adaptability.

DED #1

€50 / month

€500 / year


No setup fee

Server Details

  • 2 x 4TB HDD
  • Intel Core i7 6700
  • 32GB RAM
  • Dedicated server system

DED #2

€60 / month

€600 / year


No setup fee

Server Details

  • 4 x 4TB HDD
  • Intel Core i7 2600
  • 16GB RAM
  • Dedicated server system

DED #3

€180 / month

€1800 / year


No setup fee

Server Details

  • 10 x 6TB HDD
  • Xeon E5-1650V2
  • 64GB RAM
  • Dedicated server system

DED #4

€250 / month

€2500 / year


No setup fee

Server Details

  • 15 x 6.0 TB HDD
  • Intel Xeon E5-1650V2
  • 128GB RAM
  • Dedicated server system

Order your server with a pure OS installation, or you can opt for a pre-installed Nextcloud on your server.

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Notice period
AV contract
You can generate and download an AV contract online in the customer panel at any time.
Payment Options
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Perfect for at home, in the office, for your company or on the go


Files, Activities, Gallery, Bookmarks, Maps, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Notes, News, Audio Player, ...

Sync client

Synchronization of selected folders, share directly in the apps, explorer integration, auto upload, ...


In addition to the pre-installed HUB apps, there are another 200+ to choose from in your cloud's AppStore.


Screen sharing, online meetings and web conferencing are easy. Nextcloud TALK, Designed for everyone.

Use OwnCube today

Fast Activation

After your order you will receive your login data within a very short time and can use your new service immediately.

99.9% Uptime SLA

Why not 100%? It is technically not possible to offer 100% uptime. Natural disasters, hardware failures,... can affect every hoster.

Data centers

DSGVO-compliant operation of your service in all countries, ISO 27001-certified data centers, GREEN ENERGY and DDOS protection included.

Daily backups

We backup Nextclouds, databases, services and configurations. In the event of a disaster, these can be restored.

Do you have

a question ?

How do I start with my cloud?
What is the difference between SINGLE and ADMIN Cloud ?
Why do I need a domain name ?

With our ADMIN packages, a domain name is mandatory, because without it you would not be able to reach the cloud except via IP, but who wants to remember it. If you don't have your own domain and don't want to order one, simply choose a free subdomain in the format You are also free to use an external domain/subdomain at any time.

How do I keep my cloud up to date?

Any admin can update within the cloud if available. This is done using the updater app in Nextcloud itself.

What about backups?
Can I share data with a user on another cloud?

Yes, sharing data between different servers is possible using Federated Cloud ID. You can find the Cloud ID under the profile picture, on the "Settings" link and the "Share" option. After that, open the share menu of the desired item. The cloud ID can be entered in the line "Name, Federated Cloud ID or email address...". For example, a full address might look like "".

Can I change the design, logo, colour,... for my cloud ?

With our Cloud ADMIN packages, you can simply activate the "Theming" app and then easily make your adjustments in the settings.

Can I connect my smartphone?

Yes, there is a Nextcloud app for iOS and Android that is also compatible with Storage Share. You can download the apps from the Android and Apple stores. After starting the app, enter the domain of your cloud and log in with your user data.

Can I connect and upload via FTP?

Unfortunately this is not possible and not supported by Nextcloud.

Do I have access to the Nextcloud config and can I edit it?

Direct access is not possible, but we are happy to set individual entries in the config for you.

Can I upgrade at any time without having to re-upload the data?

But of course you can, without disrupting service or affecting your cloud.

Is the cloud connection secure or protected by SSL?

The connection to your cloud is always secure and encrypted with SSL, no matter where you are or what device you are using. You can also use the Encryption app to store your data encrypted on the servers.

Will OwnCube be alerted if my cloud is not available?

All our servers and clouds are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from at least 30 countries every minute. If a problem occurs, the technicians are informed and can work directly to fix it. Of course, you will also be informed about general failures and problems in the network status and kept up to date.

Is there a notice period on OwnCube?

There is no notice period on OwnCube. Why? We want our customers to use our service because they like it and because we offer a novel and very good service, and NOT because the customer is bound by a contract. You can cancel your service at any time with just 2 clicks, or you can simply let it expire and it will be canceled automatically.

Do you have any more questions?

Contact us via live chat, email at or by phone.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

You can test all our services without any risk. We want you to be satisfied, which is why we, as an experienced provider, offer you an exclusive money-back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our service, you can cancel it within 7 days without giving a reason and receive the full money return. With our NEXTCLOUD packages we offer you a free test package for single and admin.