Nextcloud Hub 4 - Website - Lifetime Packages - Reseller & MgM

  • 22nd March 2023
Nextcloud HUB 4 ist here ✨ Fully integrated Ethical AI features ???? Desktop app for Talk???? Shared folders in Mail???? Notes app now official???? Up to 70% faster app loading???? New Tables app & much more! More information can be found on the Nextcloud website: ...
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Hub 4 pioneers ethical AI integration for a more productive and collaborative future

  • 21st March 2023
Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Nextcloud Hub 4 is the first collaboration platform to integrate intelligent features comprehensively across its applications, while addressing the privacy and control challenges that come with AI ...
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New partner/affiliate system

  • 16th March 2023
Dear Customers,We are pleased to be able to present our new partner program to you.If you "invite" customers to OwnCube or advertise for OwnCube, you will now receive 10% of the amount from the order credited to your customer account. This automatically and for every order made by your partner link.In the customer panel you will now find your own ...
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Your own OnlyOffice Server - Domain/Subdomain - New limits

  • 14th March 2023
Dear clients,Due to the great demand, we would like to offer you our new addon "Own OnlyOffice Server" today.With our current OnlyOffice addons, you use OO over a large cluster, performance shared with other customers, only accessible via .owncube domain and therefore visible to your users, connection limits, ...From now on, we offer our "Own ...
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