Rocket.Chat and Nextcloud

  • 5th March 2022
Dear clients, a few years ago, Nextcloud announced a "basic integration" for Rocket.Chat into nextcloud that was very limited. Now, nextcloud announced a deeper integration in nextcloud that we tested in the last days. The integration is easy, works with nextcloud users, document sharing and much more is possible. You can read more on the ...
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WHM - CPanel License changes for VPS/server CLIENTS!

  • 30th December 2019
This info is only for VPS/SERVER clients with WHM/CPANEL included.   At the end of June, cPanel announced a major change to their license pricing structure to an account-based licensing. Unfortunately this means the price of OwnCubeVPS and Dedicated Server cPanel/WHM license will be adjusted from 1 January 2020.    What’s ...
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Php Version info - Only 7.2 & 7.3 supportet

  • 17th November 2019
Dear clients, we want to info you, that we currently upgrade all servers to newest PHP 7.2.x 7.3. Please make sure that your cloud version supports this Version of PHP. If not, please upgrade the cloud. If you run a CMS... on our webhostings, please make sure its compatible with PHP 7.2.x 7.3 as all other versions are not more supported  and ...
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Security issue in NGINX/php-fpm

  • 24th October 2019
Related to the announcement from nextcloud: we run a very small amount of servers with Nginx. Only our large single cloud and some clients with custom packages use nginx and they are patched already. All other packages, shared admins, vps, dedicated,... are not affected as they ...
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