SLA Special - Support, monitoring, livechat, speedtests,...

  • Friday, 4th August, 2023
  • 12:42pm

Dear clients

Due to the great demand for SLA upgrades for faster support, business use, live chat, monitoring,... we have decided to reduce our already active SLA special prices again.

Our BUSINESS SLA #3 is available from now until August 15th for ONLY 220€ onetime, without recurring costs with many advantages for your service.

SLA3 response time 24/7 at max. 1h, monitoring of your services from 30 countries, faster cloud upgrades due to high priority, live chat support, loading time checks, high priority ticket status, ... are also included.

More benefits of a SLA #3 account:

* Fast support max. 1h around the clock, average response time 2-10 minutes for 11 years
* Faster cloud upgrades due to high Prio
* Installation of Apache / PHP extensions on request
* Log analystic the cloud
* Theme Design support by our developer team
* Daily bug and security fix integration if available
* Setup, service as well as addon orders are placed at the very beginning of the checklist and are therefore processed first
* Business contracts/account
* Hosting on business servers
* IPv6 support
* Live chat support
* Automatic speed tests for up / download to provide you with the best performance, as well as direct intervention and analysis for detected problems
* Load time checks of the cloud from different countries / countries including backend login for the customer's view
* Statistics evaluation as well as Taskreports over completed accomplishments / interventions -> weekly
* Direct contact with a technician
* Monitoring of your service from 30 countries 24/7 incl. Own login to the monitoring panel
* High Prio ticket status


You can order our Business SLA #3 in the client area:


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