Failover system - 100% uptime addon for existing customers

  • Wednesday, 19th July, 2023
  • 09:11am

Dear Customers

we are happy to offer you our new failover 100% uptime addon.

What is that ?
With our new failover system we can guarantee 100% uptime for your cloud/service/server.
Your account will be synced 1:1 to a failover server, this is hosted in another data center but in the same country as you selected when ordering.
If the main server has an error (network, web, email, Cpanel, routing, SSL, ...) and cannot be reached, your service will continue to run directly on the failover system.
With a switching time of just 0.8 seconds, you and your users will not notice an interruption.
Furthermore, your service is included in our worldwide monitoring system, which monitors your service 24 hours a day and automatically activates the failover system in the event of an error.
We will also be offering this new system on our website shortly, but at a higher price than in this special for existing customers.

The failover system is available for ALL SERVICES. Our offer prices for you are:

Single services: 69€ onetime
Admin Services: 149€ onetime
VPS Services: 219€ onetime
Dedicated servers: 290€ onetime
Jitsi, Rocketchat and BBB Services: 190€ onetime

As an existing customer, you can order the failover addons directly in the customer panel:

The failover service remains active as long as you have the package with us.

This is a LIMITED special and only available while stocks of Failover backends last.

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