ownCloud, still no support for php8 !!!

  • Tuesday, 25th April, 2023
  • 10:30am

Dear Customers


due to given occasion we would like to inform you about ownCloud.
11 years ago we used and installed ownCloud as cloud software. For about 5 years, very little or nothing has been developed on ownCloud, neither fixes nor new versions, nor adjustments to current systems.

Since PHP is now already on V8, all previous versions are end of life and insecure, we have also changed our systems to php8 as announced.
Unfortunately, ownCloud is still not up to date and still only supports insecure php 7.4, no php V8 that has existed for a long time and is stable.

As you can see from the ownCloud forum, a large amount of users of the ownCloud software are complaining that the software is not being further developed, or at least adapted to current and secure standards. So far there has been no real response or adjustment from ownCloud.

Since the slow further development has been known for a long time, we have repeatedly offered our migration addon to NEXTCLOUD in recent years.
With this addon, your current ownCloud is manually migrated to Nextcloud, incl. Your users and data, of course, and you use stable software that is being intensively further developed.

For all customers who have not yet booked a migration or want to stay with ownCloud, we have now set the insecure PHP 7.4 so that the cloud can at least be accessed and used. We cannot do more in this case if the manufacturer of the software does not provide a compatible version for secure php versions.

If you want to migrate to a stable solution with Nextcloud, our migration addon is available again as a special: https://owncube.com/store/specials/nextcloud-migration



Migrating from ownCloud to Nextcloud is a lot of work, which is why we cannot offer it for free.
Just updating ownCloud on Nextcloud to the stable version requires 16! Update processes by the techs and all the additional work that is necessary are not yet listed.

Thanks for your time

Team OwnCube

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