Data migration to OwnCube

  • Wednesday, 19th April, 2023
  • 10:08am

Data migration to OwnCube

Do you have your data with another provider who does not use Nextcloud? But you would like to switch to Nextcloud hosting at OwnCube?
Or have you backed up a large amount of data locally on an external HDD and don't have the bandwidth/data volume to upload it?
Then our file migration service is right for you. Our technology takes care of the migration/upload of your data to an OwnCube service (single, admin, server,...).

All file migrations are done securely and encrypted in our data center!

Online Migration

You send us a download link of your data, we do the upload directly in our data center to an OwnCube service.

Offline Migration

You send us your physical data carrier and we will upload it directly to an OwnCube service in our data center.
More information and prices can be found on our website:
Team OwnCube




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