OwnCube Telegram Channel

  • Thursday, 6th April, 2023
  • 07:34am

Communication and transparency for our customers.
Always stay informed without having to visit our website or customer panel.

We decided to create a public telegram channel "owncubeinfo".
Why not an OwnCube group but a channel? Everyone can join a channel anonymously and the subscribers do not see each other, privacy for our customers.

In this channel, we will inform you about the following in the future:

  • News about OwnCube
  • News about new packages and addons
  • Information on reported outages
  • Detailed status updates on current outages
  • Announcements of maintenance on our systems
  • News about new NC versions and stability
  • Auto update addon info
  • FAQ-BOT (working on it)
  • and much more shortly.

We are currently still working on OwnCube Bots, which will soon offer you additional functions in the channel.

We hope that numerous customers will follow our new channel, even if we are still at the very beginning and additional functions will only be integrated little by little.

Channel-Link: https://t.me/owncubeinfo



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