Your own OnlyOffice Server - Domain/Subdomain - New limits

  • Tuesday, 14th March, 2023
  • 10:30am

Dear clients,

Due to the great demand, we would like to offer you our new addon "Own OnlyOffice Server" today.

With our current OnlyOffice addons, you use OO over a large cluster, performance shared with other customers, only accessible via .owncube domain and therefore visible to your users, connection limits, ...

From now on, we offer our "Own Onlyoffice Server" service, which has advantages such as

* Own external server with own resources
* Use your own domain/subdomain or one of our new whitelabel domains, e.g. or
* Connection limits on own OO servers are 30 concurrent instead of 10 on shared systems
* Dedicated IP address for your OO server
* Backup of the whole server included


The addon will soon be available on our website, but existing customers can already order the addon in the customer panel:

You can book the addon either for 49€ annually, or 79€ as a one-time addon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Team OwnCube


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