Domain Specials

  • Friday, 4th August, 2023
  • 00:00am

Dear Customers,

Using a real own domain for the cloud is becoming more and more important for the user. For this reason, we offer you some cheap domains in this special. You can order these normally via the domain registration, or order as a one-time domain via ticket. With a one-time domain, your domain will be renewed permanently at no additional cost.

A domain change always entails manual work on the server, be it adjustments to the web server, installing SSL, adapting the config to the cloud and much more. We currently offer a "Domain change addon" for a one-time fee of €29. This addon is necessary if you want to switch to another/your own domain.

If you order a domain with us as a ONETIME variant, you will receive the domain change for FREE.


name.CLOUD , name.XYZ , name.LIVE , name.WEBSITE , name.DIGITAL , name.GURU , name.ON-LINE , name.WORLD , name.SPACE , name.SERVICE , name.SITE

Annually only: 13€
Lifetime/Onetime only: 49€ ( incl. the free domain change addon )

If you have any questions or you want to order, please contact us via email or ticket.



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