Summer Specials

  • Wednesday, 31st May, 2023
  • 00:00am

Dear customers,

Summer Specials at OwnCube
You can find all the specials in our "Summer Special" category that we have created for this special occasion:


Renewal Specials:

Renew and get 1 year FREE
You extend your service by one year and get another year FREE from us.
This special is possible for ALL services.
If you are interested, just open a ticket in the support section or write to us at

Lifetime Special
You extend your service at OwnCube with a 3-year amount and your service is automatically set to LIFETIME.
This means that after these three paid years no additional costs apply. Your service is free. Additionally you get 4x storage for your package.


Disk space specials:

Storage space upgrade + 1 TB
+ 1 TB as a one-time fee, without recurring costs.
€39.00 one-time

Storage space upgrade + 3 TB
+ 3 TB as a one-time fee, without recurring costs.
€99.00 one-time

Storage space upgrade + 5 TB
+ 5 TB as a one-time fee, without recurring costs.
€129.00 one-time

Upgrade of the hard disk storage UNLIMITED DISK
UNLIMITED storage space as a one-off fee, with no recurring costs.
€249.00 one-time

Service level specials:

Premium SLA - 6h ONETIME
Faster Support response with max. 6 hours / working days
€140.00 one-time

Business SLA3 - 1 hour 24/7 ONETIME
Faster support response with max. 1 hour 24 /7. Use SYSTEMcron, your own PHP extensions, performance server hosting, ...
€240.00 once



Auto Update Addon
With this addon, your cloud installation will be updated by the OwnCube Tech team, including daily bug/security fixes. This is a ONE TIME payment, but the addon remains active as long as you have a service with us.
€69.00 one time

Onlyoffice Addon
Instead of the monthly costs for OnlyOffice, we offer a one-time add-on.
We offer Onlyoffice for a one-time setup fee of ONLY €49 with no recurring costs.
€49.00 one-time

Nextcloud migration
This includes a migration from ownCloud to nextcloud with all existing files, contacts, calendars ... to the latest Nextcloud V23.
Of course you are welcome to migrate planned so as not to disrupt the operation of your cloud.
€69.00 once

Own resources / performance server
No more shared resources, CPU/RAM/Network/Disk,... permanently allocated and always available when you need them. The upgrade includes integration into our load balancing system and distributes your load across different web servers.
€59.00 once

SSD Admin Backend Addon
your Database and your cache on a dedicated system with SSD support. Your database queries are processed on an external, dedicated SSD server and can thus be transferred to your cloud without delay. You no longer use a shared MySQL server installed locally on the hosting server.
€59.00 one-off

7 day backup addon ( admin packages )
This addon creates 7 day backups and is available to you as a client via FTP.
In this way you can use your backups view, restore, download for up to 7 days....
€69.00 one-off

Nextcloud Talk with its own signaling server (high-performance backend)
Nextcloud has been supporting video conferences with Nextcloud Talk for a long time.
Unfortunately, the solution had a catch: audio /Video chats with more than four to five people were not possible here. Nextcloud always issued a warning when there was a certain number of participants and you could only wait for the connection to break at some point.
With the so-called high-performance backend for Nextcloud, video conferences with many more participants are possible. Here, however, you always needed a Nextcloud Enterprise subscription, but the price was not worth it for your own "family cloud". The signaling server still requires a lot of resources and therefore has to be installed on suitable hardware. With the Signaling Server Addon, you get an eown signaling server, no shared backend server. Due to the installation and maintenance effort, we cannot offer this as a monthly variant.
The signaling server can be ordered for only:
130€ per year, or 300€ once (lifetime variant).


VPN Specials:

Own VPN Server 24 locations to choose from
Safe surfing / downloading on vacation, at home, at work or on your smartphone. You can UNLIMITED! create your own OpenVPN accounts, create your own network, assign accounts to friends, co-workers, etc.
€99 annually or €199 one-time, no recurring costs.

OpenVPN service 24 locations included
Safe browsing / downloading on vacation, at home, at work or on your smartphone.
Locations included USA, NL, RO, DK, IE, DE, UK, ES , IT, RU, NO, FR, BG, SE, AT, LT, CH, TR, HK, SG, JP, AU, ZA. No traffic limit, no logs!
79 € per year or 149 € once.


Our all-inclusive special includes:

  • an upgrade to UNLIMITED STORAGE - No 5TB,10TB,... limits, just real, unlimited storage.
  • Update addon for automatic cloud updates by a technician. The addon also includes daily bug and security fix integrations.
  • Own resources on the server, no shared resources. Fix assigned resources for the account/service, which are always at least available.
  • Onlyoffice, your private cloud office. View, edit and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations within the cloud.
  • An OpenVPN account. Secure surfing/downloading,... via one of our VPN servers. Available countries to choose from: AU, CA, CH, DE, FR, IT, NO, RU, SE, SG, TR, UK, US
  • With this special you also get our DDOS protection and integration into our failover system

This special is a combination of the most booked services/addons/offers available on OwnCube and in this special at a very small price</strong > available.
Normal price (depending on package): Unlimited 199€ to 399€, update addon 89€, own resources 99€ to 299€, Onlyoffice 49€ to 149€, OpenVPN 99€. Total price 535€ to 1035€ !!!

349.00 € one-time


Amazing 20TB KVM VPS
6cores @ 3.0ghz +, 8GB Ram, 8GB Vswap, 20TB of storage, 1 ip, unlimited traffic, 1 Gbit NIC.
ONLY 599€ annual or 1499€ onetime!
( normal website price is 799€/annual )
€599.00 Annual or
€1499.00 Onetime


* OWN TURN backend server, no shared resources and hosted on a "not owncube" domain
* OWN SIGNALING Backend Server with support for up to 25 simultaneous! Users, no shared resources and hosted on a "not owncube" domain
For BOTH backends, you can make a country selection yourself, in addition to AT, DE, there are also zb. CH, NL,... available.
You can order the special annually for €79, or as a one-time addon for ONLY €129 as setup fee, without any recurring costs.
The order can be placed directly in the customer panel:

Clustersystem & Addon Special


Thank you for your trust in OwnCube.
Greetings Team OwnCube


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