Cluster System & Addon Special

  • Monday, 24th April, 2023
  • 00:00am

Dear clients

After months of work, we can offer a new cluster backend system for our cloud service.

Web server, file storage and database separated on different backends for load balancing.

Security, performance, redundancy and thus smooth work is guaranteed. The new web and database servers run exclusively on SSD front-end servers, the file storage on Enterprise HDDs in the Raid10 network, which is more than sufficient for outsourcing files. Our new front-end systems guarantee fast loading of the entire cloud and apps.
In addition, all frontend servers are mirrored at 2 locations in DE and can be switched directly to the 2nd node in the event of a failure or overload of a frontend.

We will offer our new systems from may 2023 for larger (Admin 5+) cloud packages.

Since we want to offer our existing customers the new systems with EVERY package, we have created 2 upgrade specials for you.
A special that only includes the migration/upgrade to the new systems, and a second special that includes an upgrade + additional, important addons.

SPECIAL #1: Upgrade cluster backend system for only 119€ onetime -->

SPECIAL #2: Upgrade cluster backend system + 10TB memory + UpdateAddon + Onlyoffice + Turn + Signaling for ONLY 249€ onetime ->


The migration will entail a downtime of approx. 30 minutes, but can be planned with the techs and can also be done at night or at the weekend.



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