Dear clients,

we inform here about the progress of the OWN SERVER Special migration.

All services are "pre copied" already and all servers are installed on the nodes.

Because we ordered many new ip ranges to assign to the new servers, we have requested them at the RIPE.

Ipv4 are very less available and because of this we had to verify usage of each ip that takes very long it seems.

We already received 40% of the ordered ips, assigned them to client servers and sent the setup emails already.

We should get the ips left within this week, then its a quick move for all clients that are not received the server details yet

For all clients that are not yet moved, we will upgrade the server hardware for free to a higher level because of the delay.

Thank you for your time

TEAM OwnCube

UPDATE 04.06.2022

We received the ip ranges yesterday and we started to assign them to the Node Servers and the VPS on it.
You will get a IP INFO Email soon to schedule the migration of the domains. If you use our Nameservers or a domain hosted with us, you do not need to change anything, we do this for you.

UPDATE 15.06.2022

We have finished 90% of the setups already

UPDATE 21.06.2022

There is a issue with the last ip range that is left, we dont get it working on the new nodes.
We ordered a replacement from the RIPE already and waiting for confirmation.

For all clients where the upgrade has not been done yet because of the ip range issue, we will add DOUBLE resources for free at the setup!

UPDATE 01.07.2022

We only have 21 setups left, everything is preinstalled and already done, we just wait for data sync complete for the migrations left that takes some time because of many files and large size

Sunday, May 29, 2022

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