Upgrade special - Your OWN server + DOUBLE disk space + own software and much more.

  • Monday, 24th July, 2023
  • 00:00am

Dear clients,

we are pleased to be able to offer an upgrade special for our Admin Cloud customers, which offers you more control, security, performance and your own customizations on the server side....
Managed service is of course included, if you want we take care of security, OS updates,...

You get your *own SERVER/VPS* for your cloud, as well as the possibility to host unlimited other clouds, websites, email,... on it.
The VPS is a KVM server, so it is completely isolated from other servers, has its own kernel and permanently assigned resources.
Furthermore, TURN, STUN, SOLR, Full-Text-Search, Onlyoffice/Collabora and all other software can run on this server, all on YOUR SERVER and without additional costs or addons.

The benefits are pretty simple.

Your own hardware and resources (**incl. double storage space**) configured just for you, your own ip, complete control over your server ( root, ssh,.. ), customization of Apache and php, own software installations, unlimited hosting accounts for clouds, websites, email,.. on your server.

You can also install any external software on your server, if necessary also add or remove your own php extensions.

The upgrade/migration is carried out by a technician, this includes a 1:1 move of your account/cloud, as well as all relevant adjustments to your records, so that your server is ready for use.

The server is installed with Ubuntu + APACHE + MYSQL + PHP8 + Cloud or your current cloud is migrated.

You will also receive a VPS management panel for your server, in which you can boot, reboot, reinstall, VNC, ... yourself.

We are offering this special upgrade for *only* €379 onetime. This amount is to be paid onetime for the conversion, technician tasks and the required server space, no recurring costs for the server itself.

This does not change your monthly/annual amount, but you have your own server with all rights instead of a shared server.

If you already have a lifetime package with us, there are of course no mon./year. Costs.

VPS details:

Virtualization KVM, 4cores @3.0ghz+ , 8GB Ram, 12GB Vswap Ram, *!! DOUBLE STORAGE SPACE !!* , 1x dedicated IP, unlimited traffic, 1 Gbit NIC, managed service for the VPS incl.

If you want to take advantage of our very limited VPS Upgrade Special, you can order it directly in the customer panel: https://owncube.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=428

This special is limited and we can only provide the package for a certain number of orders. If the order link no longer works, the special is unfortunately no longer available.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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