Nextcloud V16 & ownCloud 10.1.1 bug fix release * UPDATE *

  • Thursday, 25th April, 2019
  • 12:52pm

Dear clients,
we want to inform you that Nextcloud V16 has been released and ownCloud 10.1.1 that is a bugfix release.
We currently test both versions that seems already stable. Please wait for our "OK" here to update via the updater app to avoid issues and data loss.


Say hi to #nextcloud 16


New & better:

Machine learning protects logins
Smart recommendations
ACLs in Group Folders
Projects to relate info across apps
Talk 6 with Commands
Privacy Center to keep you in control
much more!


Frank Karlitschek: Welcome Nextcloud 16! This is our biggest step forward so far with a ton of improvements in usability, productivity, security and performance. 



We do not recommend to update to V16 yet. The reason is that there are core bugs like:
Please wait until we confirmed it stable. Please note that if you upgrade, we are unable to support you if there are any issues.

16.0.1 has been released and we test it at the moment

16.0.1 is stable and we update business clients at the moment, then private usage packages

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