• OwnCube has been hosting ownCloud for 5 years and Nextcloud since 2016

Cloud Admin Account

Your OWN OpenSource cloud with ownCloud or nextcloud Choose among more than 30 data centers worldwide
Large amount of disk space, unlimited users/groups, cloud software management by OwnCube. Our OwnCube ownCloud Admin packages contain a pre-installed ownCloud or nextcloud with admin rights. This means that your OWN cloud, your own users, apps, ... are at your command. You are the only one to determine your users, which rights these users have, and who has access to it: YOU are the admin. With our admin packages, you can manage and create unlimited users/groups. In addition, you can always order a new domain or use an already existing one ( TLD or subdomain ).
You will receive one FREE subdomain out of our domainpool to access your cloud
NAME.businesstogo.cloud - NAME.happyfamily.cloud - NAME.meineeigene.cloud - NAME.ichhabeeine.cloud - NAME.owncube.com

SPECIAL: Order a annual package and get another year for FREE

Mini 1
25 GB disk space
Unlimited data transfer
SSL included
€ 18 / year
Mini 2
100 GB disk space
Unlimited data transfer
SSL included
€ 5 / month
€ 60 / year
Mini 3
250 GB disk space
Unlimited data transfer
SSL included
€ 10 / month
€ 120 / year
500 GB disk space
Unlimited data transfer
SSL included
€ 20 / month
€ 200 / year
1000 GB disk space
Unlimited data transfer
SSL included
€ 30 / month
€ 300 / year
2000 GB disk space
Unlimited data transfer
SSL included
€ 60 / month
€ 600 / year
5000 GB disk space
Unlimited data transfer
SSL included
€ 110 / month
€ 1,100 / year
More disk space ?
up to 120TB
Unlimited data transfer
SSL included

You need a business/company account, business performance and fast support?
Fast support ( max. 1h 24/7 ), hosting on business servers (dedicated hardware performance, not shared), high prio updates, automatic speed and load checks, monitoring, direct contact to a technician, HIGH PRIO support, emergency support, …
Simply choose an Admin Package and then BUSINESS SLA at the options.
Of course, also as a company you are free to select the included PrivateSLA or PremiumSLA. But please, keep in mind the difference in details and coverage between our Private/PremiumSLAs and our Company/BusinessSLA.
All packages are available with either Nextcloud or ownCloud.
ownCloud V. 10
Nextcloud V. 12
99,9% uptime
24x7 Support
Datacenter choice
Contract periods

OwnCube has no contract periods. Why is that? We want our customers to use our service because they appreciate it and because we offer them new and good service, and NOT because they are liable to a contract. You can sign off at any time by just two clicks or by allowing your service to expire – it will be terminated automatically.

Upgrading packages

Upgrading any of these packages is always possible AT ANY TIME. The upgrade is executed directly on your existing account without influencing it in any way. The new disk space is available a few minutes after your payment and you can start using it.

7-day money-back guarantee

You can try all our services without any risk. We want you to be satisfied, that is why we as an experienced cloud provider offer an exclusive money-back guarantee: in case of any dissatisfaction you can withdraw within 7 days without justification, and we will refund the full amount. For a fully free-of-charge test you can simply use a free OwnCube subdomain at your order and refrain from booking additional service during your test period. Test and see, no risk, for 7 days!

Our business partners - OwnCube: trusted by companies, clubs and schools worldwide

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For testing our services and apps, or for daily use if you are looking for a single alternative only.