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Why OwnCube ?

  • Cloud hosting since 2012
  • Performance NC server
  • 8 years of experience
  • 24/7 support
  • Unbeatable price
OwnCube was established in March 2012 under the company name OwnCube e.U. OwnCube offers a new open source solution for cloud storage, which is situated in the EU and which is not liable to any U.S. conventions or laws. OwnCube focuses on the open source product ownCloud and Nextcloud, which is now available as version 10 for owncloud and V18 for nextcloud and which offers a broad variety of functions and programs. With our company OwnCube we want to offer an alternative to individuals as well as companies who simply don't feel at ease with U.S. providers and who are worried about what may happen to their data. Our customers are notable companies from all over the world as well as a mass-market of individuals.
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Some OwnCube features

End2End encryption
Accessible from anywhere
Synchronize your files
Share files with a few clicks
Versioning and trashbin
Activity feed
Server-side encryption app
Photo gallery + sharing
Music- / Video-Streaming
Password/expiry date option
Online collaboration
Collabora / Office
Contacts/calendar + Sharing
File Activity feed
Collabora Online / Videochat
Keeweb - Open Keepass
Notes and texts
Audio / Video Chat
All features can be found on the Nextcloud webseite, as well as in the Nextcloud store

OwnCube: trusted by companies, clubs and schools worldwide

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7-day money-back guarantee

You can try all our services without any risk. We want you to be satisfied, that is why we as an experienced cloud provider offer an exclusive money-back guarantee: in case of any dissatisfaction you can withdraw within 7 days without justification, and we will refund the full amount. For a fully free-of-charge test you can simply use a free OwnCube subdomain at your order and refrain from booking additional service during your test period. Test and see, no risk, for 7 days!