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OwnCube was established in March 2012 under the company name OwnCube e.U. OwnCube offers a new open source solution for cloud storage, which is situated in the EU and which is not liable to any U.S. conventions or laws. OwnCube focuses on the open source product ownCloud and nextcloud, which is now available as version 9 and which offers a broad variety of functions and programs. With our company OwnCube we want to offer an alternative to individuals as well as companies who simply don't feel at ease with U.S. providers and who are worried about what may happen to their data. Our customers are notable companies from all over the world as well as a mass-market of individuals in the area of Premium Single and ownCloud Admin.

Server infrastructure

Our main data center is situated in the Netherlands at the server center of Nforce EBV. Since May 2012 we offer several data centers in various countries. By now (Jun. 15, 2016) our customers can choose among up to 35 data centers within their packages. This enables us to provide our customers with the best and fastest connection to all our locations worldwide. In addition, our customers are able to host their data wherever they like. Neither do we have any main servers in the U.S.A. (or other countries with restricted privacy) in our system, NOR will we EVER establish any in the future!!! For Premium Single and Admin/Webspace customers we now offer USA based servers. This location is ONLY available on CUSTOMER REQUEST and is not directly integrated in our main server system!!

Your files, projects, contacts, music, … - your life on the road!

OwnCube offers a Premium Service, where all your photos, videos, documents, music, projects are always available and can be shared with anyone at any time. Not only are your files accessible and easy-to-handle on Owncube, but you can also administrate, renew, upload them with ANY computer, mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Owncube provides the opportunity to share your files with friends, family, relatives with only two clicks. Owncube is also your very own backup solution: in case of a technical fault or complete breakdown of your computer, you still have all your files available on Owncube and can go on with your tasks as if nothing had happened. Owncube provides shelter to all your data.

Company details

In case of any questions concerning our company, our products or any other points, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

OwnCube e.U.
An der Liesing 2-34/7
1230 Wien

Company name: (acc. to Commercial Register) OwnCube e.U.
Registration number: 377734t
Commercial court: Handelsgericht Wien


Contact us: support@owncube.com, billing@owncube.com, abuse@owncube.com

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